Celebrating Life's Gifts will be closing this website on October 1st, 2017. Please contact your sales representative for details and to begin the transfer process to MWW On Demand where you can order some of the same products and many new ones. Visit mwwondemand.com to see their product catalog.

$99 Custom Program Start-Up Kit

We get you started with our $99 Starter Kit.

Included is a Custom Tapestry Woven Blanket, Display and Rod with Clips. Our blankets are the most popular item as you will soon see. To create your custom blanket, you will email us the photo and choose from among our design templates, add the text and colors and you're in business! - bringing warmth and joy to your client families. We ship your kit and you are all signed up and ready to place all future orders for your clients via the website.

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Janell Bradburn
Phone:828.692.7333 ext 2223

$99 Custom Program Start-Up Kit